From motorbike seats to
medical instruments
Realizing urethane molding

Kyokuei Form Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing molds for motorcycle seats with major motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Since 1971.
We propose a variety of molds that are industry optimal with our definitive technology and power of application.

About Us

Motorcycle seat mold production volume
Number one in the country

Kyokuei Form started mold creation for motorbike seats ahead of the rest of the country in 1971.

We have the largest domestic share as at now, 2020. We work with various manufacturers including major motorbike manufacturers.

We have also received orders not only from the motorbike industry but from four-wheeled, agricultural and various other industries.


Urethane mold - from data creation to a trial


Casting of urethane molding mold

Kyokuei form Co., Ltd. has accumulated know-how in the wake of product development for motorcycles, and supports mass production, special shapes, and orders from different industries.

We can make proposals to match your needs and budget, all the way from model production, casting and trial products.



Do you provide quotes for free?


Yes, quotes and enquiries are free of charge. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are sure we would be able to help.


I've never bought a mold before and I don’t even know how to place an order.


Our engineers will provide support all the way from data creation to a trial. Please feel free to get in touch even if you have no managers or specialist departments.


The product I want to realize is complicated that I can't figure out whether a mold can be created for it.


Please get in touch. We manufacture not only motorcycles but also products used in various industries such as medical supplies and office supplies. We can help with complex forms so please do make an enquiry.


Our company have no facilities for a trial.


We may be able to conduct a foam trial on your behalf. Please be rest assured that we will deliver once it has been confirmed that the urethane has been molded securely.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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